About Us

The company NAVELTEC IKE is active in the field of Marine Electronics. Its activities include the sales / Installation / production / support of systems & services in pleasure craft and in general in shipping. These systems are Navigation, Communication, Security, the Internet and Entertainment.

   The presence of its executives for 20 years in the Greek market, as well as their cooperation with large foreign shipyards in the realization of large, important and innovative projects, makes us a protagonist in the field of Marine Electronics. This is what our collaboration with Largest Electronics Manufacturers and Suppliers contributes to.

The force of NEW as well as the experience, the knowledge of our past feed us with the POWER that pushes the Marine Electronics to a NEW Higher level. Innovation is what created us and leads our steps to the developments of the future.

   Together with your own requirements, we create the technology of the future to offer it to you or your customers today!